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IonCleanse Premier by AMD Foot Bath in Marietta, GA

Understanding Ionic Foot Bath in Marietta, GA

The IonCleanse Premier by AMD offers a unique foot soak experience utilizing water charged with positive and negative ions—electrolytes—to draw toxins out from the body through the cells in the feet. This process, facilitated by the exchange between positive and negative ions, aids in detoxification and relaxation.

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Relax Your Mind And Body, Rejuvenate At The Cellular Level, Recharge And Transform Your Energy. 


How It Works

Combining water, salt, and a gentle electrical current, the IonCleanse generates charged ionic energy, promoting detoxification. Its proprietary technology ensures only biocompatible electrical frequencies enter the water, eliciting a relaxation response while creating an ionic field that purifies the body. Through ionization, water molecules split into oppositely charged ions, attracting and neutralizing toxins. Users emerge from sessions feeling calm, focused, and rejuvenated, with no harmful side effects.

Benefits and Expectations

During a session, users may observe a fascinating change in water color, reflecting the removal of toxins. While approximately 70% of the discoloration is attributed to the user's detoxification, the remaining 30% may stem from water source impurities or plate residue. Although detoxification primarily occurs after the cleanse through the body's natural pathways, foot baths offer myriad benefits, including headache and pain relief, reduced inflammation, toxin removal, improved organ functions, enhanced lymph circulation, strengthened immunity, better sleep quality, increased energy levels, and improved skin conditions.

Elevate Your Wellness Journe

Incorporate IonCleanse Premier by AMD into your wellness routine to experience profound detoxification and relaxation. By supporting the body's natural detox processes, this innovative foot bath paves the way for enhanced health and vitality.


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